Top 3 Trends in Multifamily Construction

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2018 is more than half way over and we are seeing some trends in construction that have jumped to the top of the popularity charts.

Resiliency: is leading the forefront.  This is a buzzword in 2018 due to last year’s hurricanes, heat waves, cold fronts, flooding, fires, and tornados.  According to Vox, property owners in 2017 took a total financial hit of nearly 400 BILLION.

Because of this, owners are demanding resilient sites and for good reason.  In 2017 Homeland Security declared November Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month.  The goal is to stress the importance of keeping structures resilient through natural disasters.

It’s not only ground up either. Seismic ordinances in California are mandated to increase the chance of occupants exiting the building safely in the event of an earthquake. It also doesn’t hurt that safety upgrades often come with government aided initiatives.


Green Technology:  It’s environmentally responsible, and resource efficient.  There are all sorts of research on carbon scrubbing building facades, bricks made of recycled cigarette butts, and thermally driven air conditioners.  Green technology has earned it’s spot in the top three and is unlikely going to drop for years to come.


In-Unit Washer and Dryers: According to Chris Salviati in his Rental Mismatch article “an estimated 53 percent of renters want in-unit laundry, but only 13 percent of properties have it”. From ground up to renovating existing units, there is a solid demand for in-unit washer and dryers. The change is in full effect. It’s a process made easy with stackable washer and dryers available in small sizes. Not to mention the convenience of ventless dryers.


There is a lot going on in multifamily construction. When it comes to trends it’s key to be progressive and innovative, opening up to new ideas and ways of doing business. On that note, here is a peek into the future:

Take a look at the links below for ideas that will drive the next wave in construction trends.

If not already, innovative construction companies will start adding personalized safety features to their units. Perhaps the earthquake proof bed or survival capsules will be the next must haves.

Survival Capsule

Earthquake proof bed


Also, anything to save space!

Window to Balconies

Built in Storage Ideas


Blue Pine Construction Corp

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