Helping Tenants Live Organized

Helping Tenants Live Organized

Every property has tenants with clutter issues. Unfortunately, in property management, those issues become yours.

Here is why:



Is this a stretch? Maybe. But who wants to have messy tenants, right? This blog includes three subtle yet practical approaches to getting tenants organized.

First, it starts in the showroom. When the on-site manager shows the staged apartment to potential tenants, make sure it is decorated with noticeable space-saver items. There are only so many features to mention on tour. Bring up the cool space-savers! Doing so helps break the awkwardness of strangers walking into an apartment together. On the post-tour e-mail, provide a space-saver list with active links. For existing tenants, send the space-saver links every few months. Have it attached to the newsletter, as an addition to an apartment gathering notice, in the leasing office, etc.



The second approach to getting the tenants organized is to push the purge. For the new tenants, send a follow-up e-mail two weeks into their move. The e-mail should include a list of local charities with pickup service. For the existing tenants, have it attached to the newsletter. Add it as an addition to an apartment gathering notice, in the leasing office, etc. Out with the old, in with the new. Make sure that the list of local charities includes links to space-saver furniture.



The third approach on getting tenants organized is sharing stories. People get drawn in with success stories. It’s an excellent way to keep the organization a topic of interest in the leasing office. Clutter is never planned. For example, inherited items talk about the tenant who uses a storage service that picked up their things and stored it for them. Then have the link ready.

Overall, the organization is a practice that if not already in tune, will take some adjustment. To help spread organization throughout your life, I’ve attached some great starting points below.


Organizational tools to get you on track:


Cord Tacos 

Strong Removable Mounting Tape

Portable iPhone Charger


Snooze – It’s a full triage for your e-mails. Set the timers on what e-mails you want to deal with in the order you wish to do it.

Snippets– It’s a shortcut for e-mail messages. You save the regularly used message, and when you type the command of your choice, it pops up in full.

Todoist– A fantastic app that helps with task management. Works great with Gmail, you can make e-mails into your to-do list, and when it’s done, the e-mail goes to the trash (doesn’t prioritize them though).

FileThis– Logs into your accounts and files the statements directly into Dropbox. It has an alert system too, so you don’t forget when items are due.


Peter Walsh: It’s All Too Much 

Julie Morgenstern: Organizing From the Inside Out 

David Allen: Getting Things Done

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