How to Win Tenants with Pets

How to Win Tenants with Pets

Creating and maintaining an attractive pet-friendly environment is just as crucial for apartment tenants as it is for apartment owners. According to industry trends in the US, by the end of 2018, $72.13 billion will be spent on pets. The statistics don’t lie; America is buying in on their pet families. And it starts at home. From tag words to space saver ideas, here is how to win tenants with pets.



1- Label it

To begin, let’s recognize the importance of glorifying the pet spaces. Using original tag words always sells. Bozzuto uses the terms “bark parks” and “yappy hour.” Avalon Bay promotes “doggie paddle pool parties,” and Fairfield Residential is all about their “Pup Culture.” However, you want to put it, cute sells.



2- All are Welcome

To indeed promote the acceptance of pets, there should be a showroom staged with pet amenities. It creates the feeling that all four-legged family members are genuinely welcome. If impressed, don’t forget to provide the link for purchasing the items.



3- Work/Life Balance

The best pet amenities aid in the work/life balance act. It’s all about convenience and coverage while you are away. Local pet services are the key. Spread the word; it indeed shows you care! It also saves you from the overhead that comes with offering services in-house.

Here are a few 3rd party suggestions:

In summary – keep it cute, welcoming, and understanding.



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