OODA Loop – Master Apartment Marketing

OODA Loop – Master Apartment Marketing

In 1961 the now-deceased Air Force Colonel (ret) John Boyd, created the OODA Loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) approach for quick thinking on the battlefield. It is a way of processing conflict that revolutionized warfare worldwide. Boyd’s OODA Loop has also proven successful beyond military strategy. Businesses around the world have used the model to break through uncertainty and beat the competition.

Social media monitoring is one example of how OODA Loop may be used in modern-day technology. On a corporate level, Harvard Business Review explains, “During the Super Bowl blackout, Oreo received a lot of attention for its tweet, ‘You can still dunk in the dark.’ This didn’t happen by accident…Oreo had designed a system to give it an OODA advantage.” Along with many other tech companies, Dell brings the OODA loop to a higher level by having a permanent social media command center. It monitors conversations and activity for all of its products across all social channels. It’s real-time marketing and action.

The successes of the OODA Loop are apparent, so let’s now get into how Apartment Marketing can be Mastered by using the same concept. To do this, we will go over each of the 4-organizing principles and apply direct Apartment Marketing tips along the way.



Observe– gather as much recent information from as wide a range of sources as realistically possible.

This is an open system. It’s beyond the norm of monitoring profit, expenses, and gross revenue.

  • Look at trends around the apartment industry.
  • Actively search online for what’s trending at other properties, speak directly with other ownership groups.
  • Look into the trends in businesses that affect the apartment industry.

Have situational awareness.

  • Although there is no direct threat, always remain alert.
  • Walk the property Jason Borne style, stay calm, but take a count on how many tenants are gathering around the clubhouse, the gym, tennis court, the mailroom, the leasing office, look for puddles if it had just rained, see if there are any patterns, look for cracks, peeling paint, the way people you come across are dressed, mannerisms etc.



Orient– analyze the information, to give you an update of where you are at, and where you need to be.

The Orient phase is a part of this strategy that is a bit harder to master. The idea is to take what you already know as-is and update it to the most current environment. Use the observations you noted on apartment trends and what was seen on the site walk to find out where you want to be. For example, in the past, a popular amenity found in many apartment complexes was a tennis court. Leave that norm behind; it’s no longer appealing to the masses.

Decide– develop the plan for action.

Decide what can be done to market the property better. Take into account what you already have at the apartment that is attractive and where there is a dire need for improvement. For example, decide to build a new clubhouse on top of that existing tennis court, or maybe replace it with a beautiful outdoor common-area including a dog park, bocce ball, fire pit, and outdoor seating.



Actimplement the change.

Once you have decided what you want in place of that tiered tennis court, hire a reliable multifamily construction company to make it happen. Then, Master Apartment Marketing by creating a short behind the scenes video on the renovations and upgrades of the property. Have cool music in the background, a few 15-30 second interviews, a time-lapse of the construction project and end it with a video tour of what the new amenities look like. In summary, Master Marketing is always a step ahead of the competition.

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