Multifamily Renovations

Multifamily Renovations

Blue Pine Construction Corp specializes in exterior renovations of multifamily properties nationwide. Behind the scenes, every project follows strict guidelines to ensure the job is done correctly.

To help explain this further is Shawn Marlar, our Director of Operations:

“It starts at mobilization, a full understanding of the project scope, location, labor & material needs, overall project schedule and site-specific challenges must be addressed before the project start date.”

“Second, focusing on standards, and the most critical standard on any project is safety. Safety for the workers, residents and clients is paramount. Following safety, quality of work and effective communication are vital. Staying on budget and schedule is of utmost importance. When the job is correctly managed and there is a continued focus on safety, quality and communication, the project will be successful.”

“Finally, you must maintain consistency. For large-scale projects with extended durations, the consistency of subcontractors, material suppliers and on-site construction management staffing are essential. To quote an old colleague of mine, ‘Plan the work and work the plan.’ From budget to schedule to site constraints to client expectations, a well-constructed project plan leads to a well-constructed project.”

Blue Pine Construction Corp. specializes in new construction, renovation and insurance claim services for multi-family housing.