News Article: Your Vision. Their Mission

By Jennifer Tallon Miranda | February 22, 2019

Relationships are Key
Blue Pine isn’t a one and done company. They value the relationships they have with ownership groups, property management groups, construction management groups, and insurance adjusters. With this approach, they focus directly on the client needs by learning what the client likes.

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Tiny Home Apartment Communities

By Jennifer Tallon Miranda | November 15, 2018

“…the National Association of Home Builders that states “…more than ½ of Americans would consider living in a home that’s less than 600 feet’ and among millennials, interest has increased 63%”

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Why Raising the Rent Isn’t Raising Vacancies

By Jennifer Tallon Miranda | October 15, 2018

Let’s get real, times are changing. Take-a-look at the Woman’s March on Washington for example. According to the Washington Post, it was likely, the largest single-day demonstration in recorded US History.

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Shared Living in the City

By Jennifer Tallon Miranda | September 15, 2018

No, not sharing a flat, studio, bungalow, apartment. But sharing a home. First thing to mind for me, MTV’s The Real World. But…the more I read into it, the more appealing it sounds.

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Top 3 Trends in Multifamily Construction

By Jennifer Tallon Miranda | August 15, 2018

2018 is more than half way over and we are seeing some trends in construction that have jumped to the top of the popularity charts.

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