Due Diligence

The unique nature of Blue Pine’s due diligence process provides owners and investors a comprehensive review of the physical plan of an asset as well as a thorough and detailed cost overview.

Project Site Report

Within three days of our initial visit to the property, Blue Pine will provide ownership with a detailed report listing all physical aspects of the property. Through interviews with site staff, meetings with city officials and reliable research tools, this project site report will provide ownership with details from a thorough site inspection.

Cost Estimate Analysis

Blue Pine is confident in the dependable suppliers, subcontractors and vendors that we contract regularly throughout the year. Our prices reflect the top-quality workmanship you’ll receive while simultaneously adding value to your property.


Scope Development

Identification of deferred maintenance is always coupled with thoughtful solutions to remedy each issue. Blue Pine systematically breaks down the property into different components (wood replacement, roofing, siding) and then quantifies each issue with accompanying spreadsheets and unit costs.


Budgeting and Value Engineering

Blue Pine has national and regional relationships with top suppliers, vendors, and tradesmen. By utilizing these connections we are able to build an accurate budget that the owner can use to plan their strategy for the property. We can also identify value-engineering methods for a more economical approach to property ownership.



Blue Pine clients know that when contingencies are removed scopes and associated costs will not change. We take great pride in providing our clients a surety that all capital issues have been identified and pricing is locked in.


Job Safety

The entire Blue Pine team is OSHA certified and has completed required courses in lead, asbestos as well as general job safety. Providing a safe work environment for residents and management professionals is top priority. From on site job reporting and daily reports to OSHA required safety measures – Blue Pine has safety covered.