Chad Bungcayao

Director of Acquisitions
Jackson Square Properties

Over the past decade, I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with the owners of Blue Pine Construction Corp. During my tenure as head of Asset Management and in my current position as Director of Acquisitions, I’ve worked with Blaise and Jay on tens of millions of dollars in multifamily housing renovation projects. This spans nearly 40 properties across the country and includes multiple tax credit and interior renovations.

Projects range from complicated building systems and new construction to simple paint and wood replacement. In each case, they’ve consistently exceeded my expectations by the professional manner in which they operate. The communication skills and abilities of their staff, project managers and field personnel are an invaluable asset to our company.

Christopher Westcott

Director of Acquisitions
BMC Investments

I’m pleased to recommend Blue Pine Construction Corp. Blaise and Jay have served me in the past on multiple projects in multiple states: California, Illinois, Ohio among them. Their performance on these jobs — quality of work, service provided, price points and ability to complete projects on time and under budget — is superb.

As a current VP of Acquisitions and a former head of Asset Management, I’ve overseen 30+ properties. So it’s important for me to be able to rely on their outstanding project management. The stability and leadership they demonstrate have been key elements to the successful completion of many complex projects in a difficult market environment. I look forward to doing more business with Blue Pine in the future.

Nicholas Davidson

Kennedy Wilson Multifamily

Having worked before with Blaise, Jay and the Blue Pine team - I can confidently say that the services they provide to their clients are tough to beat and even match. With all that can go wrong in the construction industry, it's good to know that a company this reliable is available to me for any projects.